East Coast Dog Trainers have many services to assist with training dogs young and old. See the services we offer.

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Custom Dog Training

The first few months with a new dog can be hectic or the most fun so proper training is essential.

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Dog Training Methods

Building good habits and getting your puppy on a routine early carries over into your dog’s adult life.

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About East Coast Dog Trainers

Having trained and shown dogs professionally in both Confirmation and Obedience for most of our lives we have decided to bring our knowledge to you. Our Goal at the East Coast Family is to improve your relationship with your dog. We teach you to train your dog so that you and your dog create a stronger bond. Our training method uses a combination of both Positive Reinforcement and Leash Work.

For The Parents

With drug use being on the rise on Long Island, we at East Coast Dog Trainers are hoping to set our parents at ease. Since we are not directly affiliated with any Police Department, your privacy is secure and will remain confidential. Our dogs are trained to detect Marijuana, Heroine, MDMA (AKA Ecstasy), Cocaine, and Methamphetamine. If our dogs indicate any sign of odor, our team will inform you of the location and then leave. Please contact us so we can discuss a search of your home, office or vehicle.

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